Homeschool Lunch Dates

Today we ran away… not really. We just went out for lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants, Mameka.

The first few days of homeschooling

We just finished 3 week of homeschooling so I thought I would share some of our first few days.

Australia in the Middle

We spend an entire day at Southbank and couldn’t get enough of it! We started at the ferris wheel, walked/explored a bit through markets and museums and ended the day with AMAZING desserts.

The next day was a day trip to the Australia Zoo.

Our last day in Brisbane was spent at a Ninja training facility. We originally were just looking for trampolines to let the kids burn off some energy but we hit the jackpot at this place with ball pits, laser tag, ninja training course and indoor ski lessons!

Australia in the beginning

Part of our current live/normal/routine/habit is following my husband around the world. He is currently deployed on an aircraft carrier that happens to port every once in a while. Three weeks ago he ported in Brisbane in Australia.

First up: Our AirBnB

Lotus 2019

Two weeks ago I experienced a trauma that about knocked me down. Since then I’ve found myself in a valley emotionally. This morning a friend and fellow photographer encouraged me to pick up my camera. She reminded me that some of my best art might come out of the very pain I would rather just run away from. Tonight, I gave it a try. I can’t say my pain is gone but I shared moments of joy with my youngest daughter that I truly treasure. I’ll take it one day, one photograph at a time.

**** For those of you waiting on photos of our trip to Australia I promise they are coming…. eventually. Until then I hope you enjoy these photographs from tonight's Japanese sunset in the lotus fields.

Moving Up Ceremony

Abigail has attended a two day preschool program since January. This week they celebrated the kids moving up to the 3 day program next year.

Kinder Field Day

Hannah’s school had a field day with loads of outdoor activities. It rained off and on so I didn’t take as many photos as I would’ve liked but i still grabbed a handful.

Her last station was the obstacle course. The teacher encouraged some of the parents to give it a try. I will just say it was not made for anyone adult sized. Thankfully there are no photos of my attempts through this. There were loads of Marines who volunteered to make this day happen. They were so fun and patient with the kids. I am so thankful for their service directly and indirectly to our family.

Dental trip to Okinawa

Earlier in the year Abigail needed some dental work that could no be done in Iwakuni so she and I went on a quick trip to Okinawa. This was my first visit and I don’t know the area very well but it was nice to have some one on one time with her, even though she wasn’t feeling well.

Abigail's first year of Baseball

As the season came to an end I couldn’t help but be “that mom.” I busted out my pro camera gear and even brought a light setups to one of her last practices. Here are a handful of y favorites which show just how a group of 4 years old plays baseball.